Why Your Cat Needs a Black Cat Head Safety Collar

Why Your Cat Needs a Black Cat Head Safety Collar

According to AVMA, 10 million cats and dogs get stolen or lost annually in the US. And if you are a cat’s owner, the thought of losing a cat and getting hit or killed by vehicles can haunt you. So, how can you prevent that from happening?

Studies show that the return-to-owner (RTO) rate is lower due to very few cats having ID tags, microchips not registered or updated, no shelters for cats as compared to dogs, and fewer reports about missing cats. 

According to Vets Now, the autumn season is one of the worst seasons for cats as it leads to accidents and serious injuries. So, to prevent your cat from getting lost or serious injury, getting a black cat head safety collar is the best! 

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What is a Black Cat Head Safety Buckle Collar 


It is a specially designed safety collar for cats to prioritize their safety and prevent them from getting lost. The buckle has a feature that releases it under pressure to avoid choking or injury to your cat. 

The best part about this car harness is it has reflective strips for better night visibility to ensure your cat can be seen in the dark. Moreover, adding a chic style and is safe for your feline friend.

Reason Why Your Cat Needs the Cat Harness 

Here are some of the top reasons why you should get a cat harness for your favorite cat:

1. Easy Identification

The study uploaded by ASPCA shows that 12-18% of cats are more likely to go missing at least once in 5 years. So, in case your feline friend gets lost, the black cat collar works as an identity, helping you to recognize your cat. 

2. Work as a Safety 

The black cat head safety buckle collar works as a safety when your cat comes in contact with any hazardous situations. The safety collar is designed to break away under pressure to ensure your cat’s safety,  preventing choking or being killed.

3. Night Visibility 

Your feline can sneak out of your home at night, too, increasing the risk of getting lost or killed by speeding vehicles. However, the cat harness comes with strips designed for night visibility. The reflective strip provides your feline with night-time visibility as well as for other cars. 

4. Style 

The black cat head safety buckle collar is made with high-quality material, ensuring the safety and comfort of your feline with adjustable buckle and nylon. It also works as a style, adding grace and aesthetics to your cat’s personality. 

Benefits of Buying Black Cat Head Safety Buckle Collar

Are you questions about the benefits?

Here are some of the top benefits of getting this cat safety for your feline:

  1. When your cat faces any harmful situation that can end their life, the buckle immediately releases under tension, reducing the risk of strangulation.
  2. It gives you a sense of peace knowing you will find your lost cat with this unique belt and that your feline is safe. 
  3. The material of black cat head safety buckle collars is of high quality, and they can also increase your cat’s life longevity as they prevent hazardous situations. 
  4. It also increases the chance of preventing accidents or getting hit by vehicles during night-time. 


To conclude, it is crucial to pay attention to your cat’s safety as well as to prevent it from getting lost. So, investing in this black cat head safety buckle collar from Prime Store Mart can offer you the practical solutions you are looking for. The cat neck belt with bell has features like easy identification, enhanced night visibility, and a stylish design, protecting your feline friend and also giving you peace of mind. Shop the best cat harness online at Prime Store Mart today!

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