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Every Cat Needs a Scratch Board

Every Cat Needs a Scratch Board

Why Every Cat Needs a Scratch Board: Benefits You Didn't Know About

Are you in a situation where you bought a new sofa only to come home to tears, ribbons, and scratch marks on your newly painted walls?

Cats can be playful, mark their territory to relieve stress, or even sharpen their claws by scratching your carpet and furniture, which can be out of hand. 

According to the NIH, there is a report that about 83.9% of cats scratch inappropriate items, with about 81.5% of cats scratching chairs or other furniture and about 64.1% scratching carpets. 

Before we discuss why you need a cat scratch pad and the benefits of buying one, it is crucial to understand why cats scratch furniture and carpets. 

Understanding Why Cat Scratch Furniture and Carpets

There are various reasons why your cat likes to destroy your chairs and furniture. Today, let’s find out the top reasons for this. There are: 

1. Scent Marking

Have you ever noticed your kitties or pussycats scratch your favorite carpets or sofa at home?

We know the feeling of being like the feline is trying to get on your nerves. But have you ever questioned why they scratch?

Well, the answer comes down to the cats' paws. Cats' paws contain scent glands, and when they scratch, they produce a visible and chemical scent marker that identifies their territory in the home. 

The question is, why?

Scratching these areas makes them feel more secure, relieving stress while putting their scent on things, which allows them to feel at home.

2. Boredom

If your cat is not getting enough mental stimulation, it may scratch the carpets and furniture out of boredom, which is common among house cats. 

3. Keeping the Sharpness of their Claws

Your pussycats scratching your furniture and carpets means they are trying to maintain their claws. Like humans, cats like to keep their claws sharp and healthy. So, they like to scratch flat surfaces or vertical spots like furniture and carpets. 

So, how can you stop your cats from scratching your favorite sofa, carpets, and furniture?

5 Tips On How To Stop Your Cats From Scratching Sofa, Carpets, and Furniture

Here are some ways to prevent your favorite things from being destroyed by your feline. There are: 

1. Set Up a Separate Scratching Place

One of the best strategies is to set up a cat scratch board in the house to provide a separate place for cats to scratch. Providing your feline with a separate post where they can scratch will prevent them from destroying your carpet, furniture, chair, or sofa. 

2. Experiment with Different Cat Scratch Toys 

Buy different cat-scratching toys to keep your kitties entertained. You can go ahead with cat scratching pads, balls, and posts to ensure your cat doesn’t get bored. Also, ensure that the cat scratching posts are high enough to stretch their body and work on their muscles. 

3. Fabrics To Matters

Go ahead with different fabrics like offcuts, bark-covered logs, softwood remnants, or sisal fiber to provide plenty of variety to keep your cats entertained. Keeping them entertained with other fabrics will make your cat unlikely to go for your carpets, sofa, and furniture. 

4. Prevent Boredom Scratching

Most cats scratch their favorite things and destroy them due to boredom. So, to avoid getting your favorite things spoiled, it is crucial for you to prevent your cat from getting bored. You can provide different materials, such as cat scratching boards, to keep them entertained, and also make sure to play with them whenever possible. 

5. Placement of Your Cats Scratching Board

Another crucial factor in preventing your sofa, furniture, and carpet from being scratched by your cat is the area where you place your cat's scratching pads. So, set up your scratching boards for your cat in the areas they like to relax or the areas they already scratch. 

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratch Board?

It can be tricky to get your cat to start scratching on the scratching post or pads. So, you can try to get your kitties' mom to start scratching first. You can also sprinkle some catnip on the board, pads, or toys to attract your kitties. 

Another top trick you can do is encourage your pussycats to scratch the pads or board by giving them a treat every time they scratch it. 

Where to Get The Best Cats Scratching Board Online in the USA?

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